Ep. 22 | Rachel Claire

Updated: Feb 18

In this episode I get to talk with a journalist/photographer from Western Australia. Rachel recently worked with Global Guardians as a journalist to help write a story about the important work they’re doing; stopping the spread of animal poaching in South Africa. I looked up some statistics and found out that on average, animal poachers kill 2.4 rhinos per day. But even more shocking is the fact that they are killing, on average, 3 elephants per hour. To put that into perspective, in the time it takes to listen to this episode, animal poachers will have killed three more elephants. The rangers who are fighting against this horrific tragedy go through rigorous training and are incredibly skilled at what they do. Rachel was able to work right along side them and shares what it’s like to train with these rangers before combatting poaching in the national parks. We also chat about her photography, what sparked that passion, and why she fell in love with the black and white portraits she captures. To see more of her photos, follow her on Instagram @fieldnotes__.

Rachel's website: rachelclaire.co

Saving the Last Rhinos book: https://www.nhbs.com/saving-the-last-rhinos-book

Tac Trac: http://www.tactrac.co.za/

Global Guardians: https://gguardians.org/

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